Who remembers the great fights in the mid ’80s in the 500cc motocross world championship? Thorpe versus Malherbe, Geboers and Jobe in 1986, 3 Honda’s and the single Kawasaki.

Or the chilling points battle untill the final moto of the year, like Jean Michel Bayle and Dave Strijbos in 1988 or Trampas Parker, Mike Healey and Alex Puzar on their 250s in 1991.

Motocross Grand Prix racing has a long history of these great battles, but unfortunately there is a huge lack of pictures, stories and statistic on what really happened.

MXGPhistory.com is a non-commercial website which wants to celebrate this history on our website. We offer pictures and results of the world championship seasons in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. In the future we will add stories and tales of the season.

As you can see the site is still a work in progress, but slowly the data is added, so come back frequently for more! And don’t forget to like our facebook page

MXGPhistory.com is allowed to use the pictures provided by:

  • Michel Moncler: Michel Moncler has made photographs of GP’s between 1975 and 2005
  • Jackie Courtin: Jackie Courtin has made photographs of GP’s primarly during the end of the 70’s and the 80’s
  • Eric Sandra from mxphotos.be: Eric Sandra has made photographs of GP’s primarly during the end of the 00’s and this decade
  • Martin Kooyman provided us with pictures from the 1981 500cc GP in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands
  • Dirk Mertens from DME Pics: Dirk Mertens has made photographs of GP’s in the early 90’s, and during the end of the 00’s and this decade
  • Jeff Ruscavage from Rusky’s MX pics: Jeff has made photographs of many AMA US national races, as well as the 1999 USGP at Budds Creek

All pictures are the property of the photographers and cannot be used without their written consent.

We thank Michel, Jackie, Eric, Jeff, Martin and Dirk for their pictures and hope you enjoy our site!

PS We are always looking for new photomaterial, so if you own pictures and would allow mxgphistory.com to use the pictures on our site then please contact us at info@mxgphistory.com